Act 3

The Party decides to return to Gofeld to reclaim the hidden star stone. On the way South they hitch a ride aboard a ship, and manage to save the ship from a sea monster. But then in an over-zealous somewhat-paranoid maneuver Shalia sinks the Captain’s cousin’s ship and all aboard simply because they had black sails. The party is forced to return to land and cross by land around the northern edge of the sea.

They battle some winged monsters before arriving at the town of Oakville. The town has had their intermountain supply route cut off lately by mysterious attacks. The party investigates and kills some scary monsters in a cave, losing some villagers in the process. After failing to win further support back in town, they return to finish the job. As they go deeper in the cave they discover a portal leading to a strange land that is home to a strange creature calling himself the “Master of the House” and his minions. The Party assumes he’s a Lich. After exchanging some gifts the Master of the House gives the Party a message on a scroll to deliver to the King above.

The party takes the scroll but decides not to open it. They travel to the nearest capital and inform the King of their run in with the Master of the House. The King doesn’t know of this creature but thanks them for their caution. They leave the scroll in the King’s possession and continue South towards Gofeld.

On their way they discover that they are still in possession of the scroll. Assuming it must be cursed, they continue on, intending to find a way to destroy the scroll. They press on, pick up their Starstone, and then head on to the Great Circle. Arriving there, they meet up with the current inhabitants and after making their case for their own Greatness are given membership to the Circle.

Much Joy Abounds.

Act 3

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