Act 4

The Party decides to head South from the Great Circle. On their way, they encounter some monks in the woods, and later are attacked by demons apparently sent by the Master of the House to punish them for not delivering his message.

They continue on, fighting demons and such, until reaching Deepsuth. After failing to make friends in town they head West in search of an armorer capable of crafting some Dragonhide into good armor. They sail to Duuurth and head into the mountains to find the man. Upon arriving at his house (after killing a fire giant) they find him dead and meet a wizard named Thalin. Thalin was looking for the man in order to get a magic item from him, which appears to have been stolen by whoever killed the man.

Thalin joins the party and they head off (after killing some flaming and charred zombie orcs) trailing some tracks. The tracks put them on the trail of a Fire Giant raiding party which is returning to its volcano stronghold.

Shalia, disguised as a bird, rains down lighting and death upon the fleeing giants. Then, feeling puffed up with confidence, changes into a gigantic winged beast and descends upon the giants, nearly getting killed in the process, but not before taking a third giant out.

She returns to her friends and they continue together through the wooded valley towards the giant stronghold. They are forced to fight off Zombie Fire Giants, as Shalia’s victims have once again arisen from the dead. They do so successfully, cross a river, and scale the volcano to the giant stronghold.

They try to assault the fortress under cover of night but are spotted and engaged by a giant and some bugbears who are manning the Southwest tower. The party, with the help of some nifty teleporting from Thalin and spellwork from Shalia, take control of the tower. However, the giant manning the tower was not killed and he raises an alarm.

Act 4

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