Act 2

The party returns to Gofeld following Beat’s Horrible Adventure. Manly Steve has left town, and the party decides to venture to the Grand Circle to learn more about them. On their way to booking passage down river, they come across a commotion and end up killing some zombies. Not wanting to attract too much attention following this they quickly board the Titanic heading towards Ellim’s Reach.

One night Sorob wakes up to find two small, blue humanoids in his room. He manages to punch them into unconsciousness. Shalia identifies them as Mites and they lock the two up in an interior room. The two disappear… After questioning some passengers, they party is left without answers. The rest of the journey is uneventful.

As told by Shalia

They arrive and Ellim’s Reach and head North towards the Grand Circle. The first night Shalia and Sorob find themselves in some kind of Dreamscape where they encounter some frightening children and a sinister Jester living in a castle in the desert. It is all very strange and scary, and after a brief skirmish they are awakened by Percival.

As told by Shalia

The party continues on into the woods. The next night they are attacked by a trio of Mites (yellow skinned this time). The party defeats the creatures (although one failed so dramatically at life that he spontaneously exploded into yellow mist), and having learned nothing new continue on towards their goal. On the way they loot a rickety old shack. Finally they arrive at the Grand Circle, which sits on an island at the end of a long bridge. The party discovers a large creature guarding the bridge. It is very imposing, and after failing to trip it up using a grease spell, they party hastily retreats down the beach to regroup.

The next morning they find the bridge unguarded and carefully approach. Entering the castle they find themselves in a courtyard inside the castle walls. Here they more scary children, and the Jester appears on the walls. He releases an overgrown Mite riding a giant Mantis to attack the party. Midway through the fight, someone attempts to shoot at the Jester and he also joins the fray. The Jester repeatedly tries to suck the life-force out of different party members, but eventually he and his warrior are slain. When this happens the world around the party melts away and they find themselves back on the beach in front of the Grand Circle.

Suddenly the part is attacked by a Tiger which Sorob and Diago manage to kill. Following this, feeling full of life and vigor, Diago determins to bypass the bridge guardian. He goes to the bridge, and when the guardian approaches he runs and makes a spectacular leap over the creature, narrowly avoiding its sweeping arms. He runs to the gate to the castle but finds it locked. He frantically pounds on the door, and before the creature can reach him a man comes out. This man subdues the guardian with a gesture and welcomes the party into the castle. He is Grand Master Alar and is the head of the Grand Circle. He saw Diago’s leap and was impressed. Nontheless, he explains that membership to the Circle is incumbent upon great deeds done and an invitation from an existing member. The party is allowed to stay for a week before they are asked to leave.

Sorob, Shalia, and Percival decide to head to the Northwest. They come across a town, and in the tavern there is a man from the neighboring town telling a story of a recent raid. The description sounds like Taumil the evil jester is leading the charge. The party tries to convince the villages to stay and fight rather than fleeing, but fail to convince all but a handful.

The next day the party fights and kills an advance party of the yellow skinned Mites. Many of the mites rise from the dead not long after being killed: the party is apparently still affected by this strange curse. They regroup and the next day fight a long battle, defending the local inn from the raiding Mite force which is led by Taumil. Many mites fall and rise again, and the giant Mite manages to break in to the lower level of the inn. He too falls and rises from the dead. The chaos of the battle and the overcrowding eventually cause the building to collapse. Crawling from the wreckage the party continues to fight on and eventually kills all the foes.

Following their victory the party follows the refugees all the way back to Gofeld, where they relay the good news of their victory. On the way they meet and dismiss a hapless pirate named Rew Brow, and find a strange Star Stone that has fallen from the sky.

The Party hides their stone in a tree trunk and heads North looking for adventure. The find a cave with a pool, out of which two lobsterheaded monsters emerge and attack. After defeating them, Shalia turns into an otter to explore the pool, only to be sucked in to an underwater river. Sorob strips down and jumps down after her. Eventually Diago decides to take all the gear and follow. The three end up in an underground cavern where they defeat a jelly. They find a tunnel to escape through and end up in a building where they are attacked by a party of evil dwarves.

After wandering through the northern lands, The Party discovered a fantastic-looking Golden Tome. They took this to a wizard for identification, and while the part was distracted the wizard up and stole the damn book! A cross-country chase ensued, cumlinating in the city of Scaramush where the Party invaded the wizard’s stronghold and slayed him. They then decided to return to Gofeld and reclaim the Star Stone.

Act 2

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