Occavul is home to many kingdoms and many people. Some of those people have a knack for adventure making life more interesting completely mucking up whatever they get near. Our story follows a group of such people as they traverse the land looking for whatever makes their life meaningful.

Our Cast of Characters (at the moment):

Diago Woffoen – A swashbuckler with a flair for the dramatic and a thirst for adventure.
Oedinn Rynbryngr – A dwarf mage surrounded in mystery
Percival E. Puffinstuff – A human mage as dangerous as he is unpredictable. Due to a reincarnation spell Percival is now part man, part bird.
Shalia – A druid trying to figure out the world and the companions she has found herself traveling with.
Sorob – A brawny warrior from Mound who has shown a penchant for slaying the undead.
Content Not Found: thalin-starmyst – A mysterious elven mage on a quest to recover an item.
Ulrik Chillforge – A dwarven priest with a deep seeded desire to tame a beholder mount.

In the past, the party also contained the following unfortunates:

Boros – a poisoner who found himself just shy of being able to live.

In the beginning, our group of misfits assembles and goes off to recover some stolen property…

Welcome to Occavul


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