The Recap: Part 4

We make it to the desert and hire a guide that will bring us safely through to the city. In the process of trying to locate the book, we find and dispatch a cult.

Percival again tries to track the book which leads us to a small house. Mage McStealy is ours! We hatch a plan to assault the house under the cover of darkness. Sorob, not being the quietest burglar, awakens the house’s occupants while breaking in. The initial room is filled with magic items, which Sorob bypasses and runs upstairs.

A small figure, not at all like Mage McStealy, stands at the top. The little wizard freezes the party and disappears. As most of us rush upstairs, Sorob stays downstairs and is engulfed in a fireball. Diago spots a cord upstairs and for a reason not explained to this day, decides to pull it. The entire house explodes in a fireball, killing Percival instantly and burying the rest of us. Shalia, Timeria, and Diago drag Percival’s body away as Sorob is surrounded by city guards and dragged off to the Watch Tower.

We feel Sorob is probably safe for now and go about trying to aid Percival. After much persuasion by Diago, I finally agree to reincarnate the bastard. It appears his evil actions have caught up to him, and Percival returns as a dire corby—a hideous bird creature.

While plotting on how to rescue Sorob, a strange dwarf balancing on a ball offers his aid. The name is Ulrik Chillforge. Lacking anyone capable of standing up to a melee fight, we accept.

Having our ranks mostly restored, we break Sorob out of jail and retrieve his belongings. Sorob desperately yanks the amulet back around his neck.


We head back to the scene of the explosion to investigate, and see the little wizard, surrounded by toughs, packing up a wagon of goods. Ulrik questions the wizard, who never got a good look at anyone but Sorob. It turns out he recently purchased a golden tome for a staggering small amount of money from Mage McStealy. He agrees to show the party the tome, informing us it is no longer magical but once was. Apparently it enhanced one’s intellect beyond all comprehension.

Shit again.

After some further digging, we learn McStealy recently purchased “Charlie’s House” — another large wooden tower. Which, of course, we decide to assault.

I convinced the guard-gnoll at the tower to give us information and leave in exchange for gold. He provided very few details about what was inside, just that we should be careful. We wind our way through a series of twists, turns, and traps. Eventually we make our way to Mage McStealy, who is ready and waiting for us. And who is dutifully and quickly dispatched by Timeria before he even had a chance to unleash his most potent spells.

We may not have retrieved the book, but we got our revenge. Having nothing else for us, we decide to leave the wizard city.

The Recap: Part 3

We question the city about the mage’s whereabouts and name. Turns out it is Mage McStealy. Next time we’re asking for names first. Having no idea where the wizard went, we decide to head to the next kingdom over, and head towards Marbleville.

On the way we encounter the entourage of the king, King Bic. Sorob’s unwillingness to give way surprisingly does not lead to a fight. Rather, we get to question the guards where a powerful wizard might go. The guard captain, Twibbles, tells us of a city in a desert far to the west. Our path is clear.

And blocked by a river, cross-able only by a ferry, blocked by the Badass Gang. We should call them the Dumbass Gang, because they decided to pick a fight with Sorob. Soon after, their headless bodies were tossed into the river, and we wait for the ferry to return.

It does so in the morning with twelve dwarven guards seeking justice for the Gang’s sacking of a caravan. If we could have come up with the bodies (now far downstream) there might have been a reward. That might also have required Sorob to give up the 700 gp he took from the Gang—but the dwarves need not know that.

Once we reach Marbleville, the proprietor of the Golden Horn informs us a mage matching our description—carrying a large, heavy satchel. He was headed west on the Forest Road. I help Diago buy some Shadow Armor. We also buy the one real horse they have, Snickerdoodle, and rename it Wilbur.

We head off towards the wizard city.

The Recap: Part 2

We decide now is the time to leave Gofeld. We head out towards the port city of Mytum. We learn there is an underwater city in the lake that if found would make us rich and famous. Instead we decide to head to Tugon, a less table region than our current Elmir.

We find a cave that appears inhabited, and Sorob breaks through the barred door. Inside is a large cavern with a waterfall. It is clear this cavern has been used by a large carnivore based on the animal carcasses littering the floor. While distracted, creatures with the bodies of men and heads of lobsters emerge from the water and attack. We dispatch them twice: once alive and once undead (damn amulet).

I turn into an otter and dive into the water, but the current is too strong and I get sucked away down an underwater cave. The rest of the party soon follows and we find ourselves in a new cavern, battling an ochre jelly. After dispatching it, we journey down another corridor until we dead end into a locked door. After breaking through, we accost the duergar inhabitants, making short work of them as well.

While I recovered from my wounds, the rest of the party defeated the cyclops the duergar were keeping as a guard-pet. We then proceed to take out a nest of large spiders. Finally, we head back to the duergar town and find an orphaned duergar, Barness, behind a locked door. Feeling compassion for her, I convince her to come with us and let us protect her until we can find her a new home. As it turns out, I need to protect her as much from Sorob and Percival as from the dangers of this world.

Working our way out of the cavern, we encounter a small blue dragon. Sorob is quickly dropped and Barness mauled when she tries to help. Ultimately, Timeria finishes the dragon off. I decide to heal the dying Barness first before turning to aid Sorob. This choice angers Sorob. In the dragon’s horde we find a magical tome made entirely out of gold, that none of us can identify.

We head out of the cavern by way of a mine cart. Once to the surface, Percival proposes killing Barness—I say no. We find a small hut with a gnome merchant, Mr. Mister, who informs us we are in the Kingdom of Hugon, an unruly and dangerous land led by a dwarf king named Twenty. We decide to head east to the nearest large city: Kreeteekall.

We head east. That night Percival is pounced on by some large creature, almost killing him. In the desperate fight for our lives, Barness is killed. While I was digging a grave for the duergar girl, Percival, annoyed at the digging sounds, decides to burn her out of spite. In anger, I lash out with a flaming sphere, nearly killing Percival. I hesitate to stabilize him, but threats of violence from Sorob change my mind. With Percival stabilized but unconscious, I finish the grave.

The next night we are chased by what appeared to be a large elemental. It was only as the sun was rising in the west and we made it close to the city that the creature disappeared. We have reached Kreeteekall.

Once inside, we ask who is a powerful wizard and get directed to a large tree-like tower. The wizard’s golem lets us in, and the wizard informs us that for 3,000 gp he would identify the tome. Thinking this is too much, we say no. Before we leave, however, the wizard tells us he knows what Sorob’s amulet is. After selling some loot and mulling the cost, we decide to negotiate and head back. We get the wizard down to 2,000 gp—and he will identify the amulet.

However, Sorob refuses to take it off. Percival tries to charm him but gets a fist to the face in return. After the scrap, we notice the unnamed wizard has vanished… with our golden book. Shit.

The Recap: Part 1

After defeating Taumil for a second-time in his dream world, Diago infiltrates the Grand Circle, which impresses grandmaster Alar enough that he lets us all in. We learn that the way to join the Grand Circle is to make our names known and then be invited to join by another member. We leave to do just that.

After journeying to a nearby village, we learn at the local tavern that a crazy clown accompanied by mites and terrifying children overran and destroyed the nearby village of Georgetown. Harold, the mayor of the town we are in, decides to flee with the villagers to a safe location despite our best efforts at persuading the villagers to stay and fight. While I tried to help, I still do not understand the foolish ways of these city-dwellers. I think I might have hurt our cause with my gust of wind. Nevertheless, we convince five of the villagers to make a stand with us, including Henry of Georgetown.

The clown came in the night. We fortified the stone inn, but even our preparations were not enough to combat the Mitiest’s hammer that took down a main support, killing two of the villagers. As we pull ourselves from the rubble, Sorob plants himself in front of the grinning Taumil, and with one swing finally takes the head off that evil clown.

Finally victorious, we leave the ruins of the inn to find the villagers. On the way we overcome a woodland rogue, Redbrow the Pirate, and manage to find a hunk of star stone. Finding the villagers in Gofeld, Henry relays the story of our victory. Utterly grateful for saving what we could of their town, the villagers vow to spread word of our great deed. We learn that no one can work our star stone here, so we decide to hide the heavy rock in the woods for later retrieval. Finding a unique dead tree shaped like a K, I woodshape the rock inside for protection. One day something grand will be made of that stone.

Returning to Gofeld, Sorob slaughters a man, Miller, who comes back as a zombie. As the rest of the party flees, Sorob is apprehended by the city guards and questioned—eventually by city captain Traphis. I remember this particular guard sliding into the bay after giving chase to me, so I make myself scarce.

Entry 7 - Victory (for now)

The morning air felt colder—likely remnants of that vivid “dream.” Yet, with nothing else to do, we continued on down the coast. The following day was uneventful outside of stumbling across an abandoned hut which Percival proceeded to loot and burn down. I may have my fears, but he sometimes appears to be operating one nut shy of an acorn. In any case, that evening found us under a giant tree…

The chill down my spine I suddenly felt on my watch was familiar and had nothing to do with the temperature. But before I could process the feeling, a dart zipped out of the woods, sticking painfully into my shoulder. At least my vocal chords were unfrozen, “Wake up you fools!”

The others awoke, blinked their eyes of sleep and squinted as my light spell illuminated several shapes moving amongst the trees about 20 strides away. Mites! But not the blue-skinned ones we had recently faced, but equally grotesque yellow-skinned horrors. As we counter attacked, one of them started jerking until it exploded in a yellow mist of puss. That seemed to deflate the rest and we made short work of them. Outside of washing the puss off, the chill was gone and the rest of the night went by peacefully.

It was midday when we found our destination: a large castle on a small island connected to land by a three pace wide and one hundred pace long stone bridge. Following their usual methodology, Pervical and Sorob decided the “welcome” sign (“Grand Circle – Members only, absolutely no admittance, enter at own risk”) would look better in the sea. While the eight and a half foot tall earth golem guarding the other end of the bridge seemed nonplussed by the petty vandalism, it did take offense at any attempt to cross the bridge and seemed otherwise undeterred by Oedinn’s attempt to grease it into the water. Discretion being the better part of valor, our hearty group fled down the beach away from the golem only to discover, at least without further provocation, it would not set foot on the land. Clearly we needed to sleep on our next options.

We returned to the bridge as the morning broke, only to find it unguarded and the gates opened. My trepidation at our apparent good fortune is overridden as my companions stroll into the castle courtyard as if they own the place. Percival strolled to the nearest door and confidently knocked. However, I was troubled by a vague feeling of familiarity about the castle and realization dawned on me the instant before Percival kicked the opening door, knocking down a little, black-eyed girl. Her sobs were covered up by a booming voice from the castle walls, “Stop that right now!”

I turned bright, angry eyes upwards; eyes that became slightly dulled by fear as I took in the many black-eyed children and yellow mites surrounding Clown-Face.

A crashing noise sounds from another door to the courtyard. While I was distracted, the black-eyed girl in the doorway attempted to grab Percival, but not before taking a quarrel from Percival’s crossbow between the eyes. Our brief victory was quickly forgotten as a grossly oversized mite riding a praying mantis burst through the door. With a leap, the mantis landed on top of Sorob, grabbed him and was about to do its best impression of post-mating behavior when Timeria plowed into its side and ripped apart the mantis’s neck. My arrow caught the mite in the side as it leapt from its dismembered mount, but rather than sinking it, the arrowhead simply broke from the shaft. Crap, what kind of freak of nature were we fighting?

As Sorob regained his feet and engaged that mightiest of mites, my next arrow took the laughing jester in the side. With a laugh (“Really, you fool!”) the jester jumped into the arena. And then things got strange.

The jester whacked Oedinn with his scepter, but rather than appearing hurt, Oedinn simply broke down into chuckles. Dodging jets of fire from Percival’s hands, the jester thumped Percival across the brow; an injury that put both Percival and Oedinn into hysterics. With our wizards otherwise distracted, Sorob takes the Mitiest down while Timeria turns her fangs on the jester. Whatever enchantment that was put upon the wizards broke, as Percival became noticeably uglier. The jester soon learned that one makes a dwarf laugh against the dwarf’s wishes at one’s own peril; Oedinn smote the jester into a pile of nothing and took the jester scepter for his own!

But before we could savor our victory, the walls of the castle melted and we found ourselves back on the beach; Oedinn with scepter in hand. We looked around at each other; our tired expressions said it all: the complete destruction of our fool of a nemesis would be too much to hope for…

We Found Him!
String 'em up!

After a journey to Kamush that almost ended in death for Sorob and Percival (thanks to Shanaynay’s cowardice and unwillingness to commit Timeria to battle, even when she was healthier than the hero’s), the party set out across the desert to the capital on Mage McSteely’s trail. After an uneventful trip, Percival used his magical powers to pinpoint the location of the mystical golden tome, and presumably the nefarious thief as well. The party will rest up and wait for the trailing members to catch up before mounting a heroic effort to recapture their property and to bring Mage McDouchy to justice!

Entry 6 - The most disturbing of dreams...

While the people of Ellim’s Reach did not have much information to provide, the bartender at the White Blossom and a city guard were able to tell us that the road to the Grand Circle was full of “big bad beasties” – likely by design.

Foolishly undeterred, we gathered rations and set off along the coast. After the first day of uneventful travel and my lucky location of a protective cave for the night, we were feeling pretty good. That was a feeling fated not to last.

I “awoke” to find Timeria, Sorob and I standing in the middle of a desert looking at a drawbridge over a moat surrounding a castle. No lights or people could be seen in the castle. However, my spells detected no magic.

A disembodied “Yes?” answered Sorob’s booming “Hello!” No other statement was forthcoming as I felt a chill rush through my body. With no other option behind us, we tentatively headed under the walls to find a black eyed girl waiting for us with the eery greeting “Welcome, would you like to come in?”

I asked “What are you, who are you, and where are we?” And she responded “You ask a lot of questions. I am hungry.” before withdrawing through the only door off the courtyard.

Nothing of this felt right. Nothing. Yet Sorob was undeterred, and willingly entered the keep to find a big room with a long table brimming with food and a crackling hearth. The eerie music coming from within was the last straw – I was not going to set foot in that room.

My heart near stopped as the little girl said from beside me, “Why don’t you come in?” I instinctively drew my scimitar but did not attack. I did not sheath it during my subsequent questioning.

The girl is Vanessa who lives here with her “dad.” If she and her siblings (hell, siblings??) throw a party, her “dad” comes home. She did not know how she got here and she seemed surprised that anyone would want to leave. Every once in awhile new people come and join the party. Timeria let out a low growl and I turned to see these “new people” – all black-eyed children – standing behind me. They ask together “is it dinner time?”

That was it for me. I rushed to the gate, only to find the portcullis closed. At my demands that the children open the gate, they responded “we cannot open it.” Rather than help, Sorob ignored me and started dancing inside. So much for backup…

Sorob was snapped out of his revelry though when “dad” showed up moments later. The party seemed a lot less funny to him when the creepy jester put his hand on Sorob’s shoulder and said “Welcome to the party.”

Finally Sorob acts on my suggestion to leave, but finds his way to the door blocked by the 20 black-eyed children. With no other options, Sorob attacked the jester as children started to grab at him. Sorob slashed the jester’s shoulder but began laughing hysterically after the jester countered with his scepter.

Using my newly acquired ring, I hit the jester with a magical force, slamming him away from Sorob. Sorob dashed for the door, slashing grabbing “children” on his way. Their black blood pooled on the floor as Sorob and the jester fought once again. We continued our assault on the jester as Sorob backed through the door, only to have the jester say “Y’all no fun anymore” and close it on us.

Sorob opened the door to see the Captain standing there asking “What the hell is going on?” We quickly closed the door and opened it again. This time it is Percival, “What the hell are you doing? Wake up!”

I blinked my eyes only to see that we were back under the rock… daylight just starting to break over the water.

What the hell?

Entry 5 - Zombies, Mites, and Intrigue

The trip back to Gofeld was quick despite being loaded down with Beat’s loot. On a related note, I must admit, my new cloak does look quite fetching on me. After a quick stop at the market, we went searching for Manly Steve. The Dirty Skirts proprietor, Kristy, said he had left town, but told us how to get to the Grand Circle. After a quick celebratory drink (I, perhaps uncharacteristically, bought a round for the tavern), we went searching for a boat to take us down the King’s Stream.

That was until a girl came running from a home shouting “Grandma started killing mom!” I had to resist the urge to rip the amulet from Sorob’s neck… but we stopped to question the girl. Apparently her Grandma had been very sick until just then when she grabbed the girl’s mother and bit her in the face. Onlookers started running to get the guards but Diago wished to play the hero and dashed inside.

I kept walking towards the harbor. It has been well over a couple months since our last run-in with the city guards, but I did not think it good odds that a female elven druid and her wolf would not be remembered. After negotiating for passage on a transport vessel called “Titanic” I waited for my companions’ return.

It was not long until Diago and Sorob sauntered up, newly splattered with blood. It turned out that “Grandma” had indeed become a flesh-eating zombie and “Mom,” along with one of the two city guards who went in, was no more. I made one last attempt to convince Sorob to remove the amulet, but he seemed aghast at the very idea… I fear whatever the amulet is it may be gaining a hold on our fearsome warrior. At the very least we all seemed to be in agreement that our quick exit from the city was the most advisable course of action, even if being stuck on a ship with 100 other passengers plus crew could lead to similar complications. We boarded the Titanic with a prognostic feeling of foreboding.

Knowing it was a several day journey to Ellim’s Reach, I managed to convince the crew to let me sleep in the dingy on the deck rather than one of the dark and cramped, albeit private, cabins. It was a wonder that I heard Sorob shouting from his cabin that very night. I rushed to his aid to see Sorob tying up two devilish little creatures; I immediately recognized them as mites, having seen the creatures emerge from some of the deeper caves in the forest. Sorob had awoken in the middle of the night to find them sneaking up on him despite his cabin door being locked. While he was able to subdue them despite being stabbed, none of our troop were able to understand the creatures. We were left clueless as to how or why they attacked our companion.

Those were questions destined to be left unanswered. The creatures disappeared from the locked cell the captain threw them into and no trace of them was found on the boat. Being proficient in the art of conjuration, I became convinced the mites must have been summoned by one of the boat’s passengers. Sorob thought it was Percival who fervently denied it. However a thorough sweep of the boat led to identifying only three passengers that possessed magical items: a young man named Jake with a “lucky pouch”, a large man with dark skin called Reginold who possessed a ring giving him remarkable reflexes, and a attractive lady who refused to give us a name. After the Captain, Sorob and I questioned the trio, the only thing I was certain of was that the Lady was not a magic user; an opinion not shared by Sorob.

Without answers, we decided to take turns keeping watch at night until we made port. Thankfully the rest of the voyage was uneventful and we made Ellim’s Reach safe and sound.

Entry 4 - Beats Horrible Challenge

The city awoke the next day, surprisingly calm. Apparently Sorob’s stint in the graveyard failed to awaken any of the city’s dead. Perhaps it only works on the recently deceased? While I am still convinced the amulet is the source of our troubles, Sorob is as unwilling as ever to part with the thing. Knowing the source of our troubles has not been solved, what do we do?

Well, Percival decided to get a drink at the whorehouse. I could not say I was surprised, but, for once, his love of diseased women (men?) and ale brought us good luck. No sooner had he ordered a pint but the doors burst open and a man swaggered into the tavern shouting, “Drinks are on me!” It turns out this “Manly Steve” had just returned from trouncing bugbears and raiding their treasure stash. Percival, diplomatic as always, although I suspect hurt from Manly Steve rejecting his advances, decided to make it rain on Steve… multiple times.

After Percival was shown the door, we found out that Steve was part of the “Grand Circle” – an elite club of adventurers with their headquarters on the Eastern Ocean. Only the greatest adventurers get invited to join; Steve boasted he took down a black dragon single handedly. Needless to say, we were intrigued.

Sensing our interest, I believe the man likes attention, Steve gave us a box with the words “sing to me” carved in it as well as a depiction of a bar scene. Apparently Steve was unable to open the thing, and was more than willing to pass the frustration onto some other group. For the next several hours, we tried singing individually, getting the bar to sing, going to the Golden Wares for information, and finally returning to the bar.

I think the drink had gotten to Steve, because when Percival walked back into the Dirty Skirts, rather than toss him out, Steve asked Percival to identify a dagger with Goblinoid written on it. When Steve found out it was non-magical, he gave it to Percival. Hoping this may be some clue, we went to the local scroll shop, the Magic Squirrel. The shopkeep knew Goblin, but Percival, rather than showing the dagger to him, purchased a scroll, took the time to learn a new spell, just to read “Beats Magical Dagger.” Maybe Goblin’s have a funny sense of humor? I suspect they are just dumb.

Well, apparently this triggered an idea in Percival and Diago’s heads. After several failed attempts, Diago succeeded at singing a strange sounding song to the box. It opened to reveal a… blank piece of parchment. We took it outside to ponder it in the bright light. Nothing came to us, but, amazingly, after about an hour a map was revealed directing us to the mountain ranges to the west of Gofeld! There was also writing on the map, reading:

One Sword
Two Blessings
Three Winds
Four Seas
Fallen From The Sky
Water For The Shrine
Treasure For Man
Break The Mountain

Finally, something to once again take us away from this city!

I led the group for two days through the pouring rain to a large stepped pyramid in the middle of the woods in the shadow of the mountains. We entered through the door at the base to find ourselves in darkness. After lighting up the interior, we saw a maze of stepped platforms leading to a door on a far wall – nothing was below the platforms but darkness. Diago fearlessly lept to the first platform… and fell into the darkness after missing the second. Amazingly unharmed and un-phased, he ran from behind us to try again. And again. And again. And… again. Hours passed as I tired to convince Diago if we only wait one day, I could prepare a spell to make his life easier.

Fatigue must have gotten the best of him. The next morning, I cast my spell and Diago quickly made it to the far side, creating a path for all of us to follow. We suspected we may have completed “Fallen from the Sky.”

The next room contained a pedestal that opened a door when Sorob placed one of Diago’s swords on it. “Own Sword” down.

The statue of a man in a tunic and pants delayed us for awhile as we made various offerings to it. It was not until we inadvertently cast two spells on the statute that the way opened. While we thought it was Water for the Shrine or Treasure for the Man, it turned out to be “Two Blessings.”

Our next challenge we solved quickly, as three of us blew on the pile of sand in the middle of the floor. “Three winds.”

The next room showed how quickly my comrades are willing to devolve into barbarians. After messing with the bowl of water on the pedestal in the middle of the room, the four men decided to pee in it. What is with them and urine? Well, this counted as “Four Seas.”

We moved through the door to find a room with a pile of coins; a pile quickly snatched up by Percival and Oedinn. After putting the gold back, we tried adding to it to no avail. Eventually Percival decided to throw a coin into the air where, upon hitting the ceiling, it turned into water. We did this with the rest of the gold and a door opened. “Water for the Shrine.”

The door opened into a room with nothing but a big wall. Sorob showed that muscle has its use, chipping a large enough hole in the wall after hours of chopping. “Break the Mountain” we did.

The last room contained a plaque that read “The End.” What the hell? We just spent days making our way through this blasted pyramid to find nothing? Well, as we sat and pondered what our next move would be, the wall disappeared to reveal tables overflowing with treasure. The last lesson, like one of the first, must have been “Patience.”

Entry 3 - New Company

We ran.

There was nothing else to do; by running we quickly outdistanced the creatures. Only it was not long until we came upon a second battle with more of the creatures; a battle that was quickly brought to an end by a large man and an equally imposing half-elf. The more dashing figure with a rapier introduced himself as Diago Woffoen, while the giant wielding a falchion grunted “Sorob” in response to inquiries about his name. There is safety in numbers, so we accompanied them and their cart full of cloth back to Nabon. In Nabon we convinced the pair to accompany us back to Selca to find Rick, rid the town of zombies, and get our reward. Diago seems good company, but Sorob seems strangely familiar…

Well, we learned from our past mistakes; it was best to finish the zombies off at range. Our larger group easily made it through town, where I finished off three of the creatures with my bow. With our quarrels and arrows, Percival and I made short work of the few zombies inside the courtyard. Inside, there were more zombies, including our recent companion, Boros. Boros bludgeoned Sorob unconscious before the rest of our party managed to take the creatures down.

For reasons known only to him, Percival decided to take Boros’s head as well as his possessions. We found no other zombies in the keep, but we did uncover the body of Rick Tulong; killed by a trap in the basement. In addition to massive quantities of treasure, including an old crown, and a magic amulet, mace and book, we took Rick’s head hoping that Talow would still reward us. I also gained a new longbow!

With two rotting heads, we returned to Nabon. Which leaves me to ask, what am I doing? I did not expect to become a delivery person carrying human (and no-longer-human) body parts halfway across the world. What is this teaching me? Hopefully I will figure that out. I need experience to gain wisdom, but is this the type of experience I should be having? Oh well…

Our allotted week to find Rick had long since passed by, but we chose to book passage across the Shaltpheesh Sea again. I traded my shortbow to Captain Charlie for passage and we set off.

I hate the sea.

Our third day out we spotted another ship fast approaching us from behind. We learned its attention when an archer onboard dropped one of our sailors into the sea. I returned fire, but did not drop their archer until after our ship was rammed from behind. Diago made a fantastic leap onboard the enemy vessel while Percival dropped three into a deep sleep. The enemy captain was quickly taken down, but his large, bald companion and the rest of the crew took more work. We lost several sailors to the fight.

As I was looting the fallen archer for additional arrows, I heard screams coming from the once-slumbering pirates. It seems Percival is back to his old interrogation tricks – except this time all he managed to do was kill each remaining pirate in a horrible way.

I did not have long to ponder this when Charlie started yelling that our ship was sinking. We sprung into action in an attempt to save it… well all except Diago who had run off looking for treasure on the pirate ship. Sorob and I managed to push the two boats apart as the crew bailed and attempted to patch the hole. I was ready to abandon ship and sail on the pirate vessel, when the crew managed to patch the hole.

Charlie apparently thought the spoils of our fight were his – but to avoid conflict Percival gave the Captain the pirate ship in exchange for any treasure aboard it. We disappeared into the hold to discover what our share turned out to be.

However, sounds of fighting brought us back to the deck. The formerly dead pirates and sailors had risen and were attacking Charlie and the remaining sailors. I thought we left the undead back in Selca? What was bringing them back? I needed to know.

Those questions would have to be answered later, as we once again cut our way threw the zombies. We ended the fight with even fewer crew than we started with, and we quickly chucked the bodies into the sea.

In a bout of foolishness, Pervical informed Captain Charlie we had come from Selca. Upon learning this piece of information, Charlie refused to take us any further. Pervical redeemed himself by knocking Charlie out with a burst of color, as we intimidated the rest of the crew into backing down. I helped, oh yes: I was not going to be left at sea. Luckily we only needed words to convince the rest of the crew to take us back to Ashmal in exchange for the pirate ship.

I needed to know why those bodies came back from the dead; the thought of it happening at any time greatly troubled me. In Ashmal I convinced the others to visit a priest and see if any of our prizes were cursed. Having been given the crown, I paid for its inspection. Percival called me foolish, saying it had no magic properties. However, I am not familiar with wizard magic and needed certainty. The others refused to pay to have their items similarly checked and left. We stayed overnight as a storm rolled in.

The next morning we set out for Gofeld, passing a prince on the road. Rather than head back to Mallard, Percival and Sorob went to the Golden Wares merchant. After haggling, we settled on a price of 2,600 gold for the ring; I went along with it in exchange for a promise by Pervical to get the other items identified by a priest.

A priest at the Temple of Skadi showed a great interest in the Amulet, stating it is a relic of his religion and of great value. He refused to share much of the information about it, but informed us it is a tool used to bring ruin to those who cause ruin. It was used to destroy the invaders of Selca, and was a great victory for the priest of Macab.

Sorob, however, refused to part with it for the 3,000 gold offer. Instead he heads to other temples to find more information – information no one else is able to give us. Despite Pervical and my heated attempts to get him to sell the amulet, Sorob held onto it. I fear this will be the death of us – or at least of Sorob.

Before heading to a new inn in Gofeld, we dropped Rick’s head off at Talow’s place. He gave us nothing and Pervical promised we will never do business with him again.

I am nervous about what the morning will bring; I can only hope no new undead. A city the size of Gofeld could be overrun in hours…


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