The Recap: Part 4

We make it to the desert and hire a guide that will bring us safely through to the city. In the process of trying to locate the book, we find and dispatch a cult.

Percival again tries to track the book which leads us to a small house. Mage McStealy is ours! We hatch a plan to assault the house under the cover of darkness. Sorob, not being the quietest burglar, awakens the house’s occupants while breaking in. The initial room is filled with magic items, which Sorob bypasses and runs upstairs.

A small figure, not at all like Mage McStealy, stands at the top. The little wizard freezes the party and disappears. As most of us rush upstairs, Sorob stays downstairs and is engulfed in a fireball. Diago spots a cord upstairs and for a reason not explained to this day, decides to pull it. The entire house explodes in a fireball, killing Percival instantly and burying the rest of us. Shalia, Timeria, and Diago drag Percival’s body away as Sorob is surrounded by city guards and dragged off to the Watch Tower.

We feel Sorob is probably safe for now and go about trying to aid Percival. After much persuasion by Diago, I finally agree to reincarnate the bastard. It appears his evil actions have caught up to him, and Percival returns as a dire corby—a hideous bird creature.

While plotting on how to rescue Sorob, a strange dwarf balancing on a ball offers his aid. The name is Ulrik Chillforge. Lacking anyone capable of standing up to a melee fight, we accept.

Having our ranks mostly restored, we break Sorob out of jail and retrieve his belongings. Sorob desperately yanks the amulet back around his neck.


We head back to the scene of the explosion to investigate, and see the little wizard, surrounded by toughs, packing up a wagon of goods. Ulrik questions the wizard, who never got a good look at anyone but Sorob. It turns out he recently purchased a golden tome for a staggering small amount of money from Mage McStealy. He agrees to show the party the tome, informing us it is no longer magical but once was. Apparently it enhanced one’s intellect beyond all comprehension.

Shit again.

After some further digging, we learn McStealy recently purchased “Charlie’s House” — another large wooden tower. Which, of course, we decide to assault.

I convinced the guard-gnoll at the tower to give us information and leave in exchange for gold. He provided very few details about what was inside, just that we should be careful. We wind our way through a series of twists, turns, and traps. Eventually we make our way to Mage McStealy, who is ready and waiting for us. And who is dutifully and quickly dispatched by Timeria before he even had a chance to unleash his most potent spells.

We may not have retrieved the book, but we got our revenge. Having nothing else for us, we decide to leave the wizard city.


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