The Recap: Part 3

We question the city about the mage’s whereabouts and name. Turns out it is Mage McStealy. Next time we’re asking for names first. Having no idea where the wizard went, we decide to head to the next kingdom over, and head towards Marbleville.

On the way we encounter the entourage of the king, King Bic. Sorob’s unwillingness to give way surprisingly does not lead to a fight. Rather, we get to question the guards where a powerful wizard might go. The guard captain, Twibbles, tells us of a city in a desert far to the west. Our path is clear.

And blocked by a river, cross-able only by a ferry, blocked by the Badass Gang. We should call them the Dumbass Gang, because they decided to pick a fight with Sorob. Soon after, their headless bodies were tossed into the river, and we wait for the ferry to return.

It does so in the morning with twelve dwarven guards seeking justice for the Gang’s sacking of a caravan. If we could have come up with the bodies (now far downstream) there might have been a reward. That might also have required Sorob to give up the 700 gp he took from the Gang—but the dwarves need not know that.

Once we reach Marbleville, the proprietor of the Golden Horn informs us a mage matching our description—carrying a large, heavy satchel. He was headed west on the Forest Road. I help Diago buy some Shadow Armor. We also buy the one real horse they have, Snickerdoodle, and rename it Wilbur.

We head off towards the wizard city.


BBHoap Darkember

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