The Recap: Part 2

We decide now is the time to leave Gofeld. We head out towards the port city of Mytum. We learn there is an underwater city in the lake that if found would make us rich and famous. Instead we decide to head to Tugon, a less table region than our current Elmir.

We find a cave that appears inhabited, and Sorob breaks through the barred door. Inside is a large cavern with a waterfall. It is clear this cavern has been used by a large carnivore based on the animal carcasses littering the floor. While distracted, creatures with the bodies of men and heads of lobsters emerge from the water and attack. We dispatch them twice: once alive and once undead (damn amulet).

I turn into an otter and dive into the water, but the current is too strong and I get sucked away down an underwater cave. The rest of the party soon follows and we find ourselves in a new cavern, battling an ochre jelly. After dispatching it, we journey down another corridor until we dead end into a locked door. After breaking through, we accost the duergar inhabitants, making short work of them as well.

While I recovered from my wounds, the rest of the party defeated the cyclops the duergar were keeping as a guard-pet. We then proceed to take out a nest of large spiders. Finally, we head back to the duergar town and find an orphaned duergar, Barness, behind a locked door. Feeling compassion for her, I convince her to come with us and let us protect her until we can find her a new home. As it turns out, I need to protect her as much from Sorob and Percival as from the dangers of this world.

Working our way out of the cavern, we encounter a small blue dragon. Sorob is quickly dropped and Barness mauled when she tries to help. Ultimately, Timeria finishes the dragon off. I decide to heal the dying Barness first before turning to aid Sorob. This choice angers Sorob. In the dragon’s horde we find a magical tome made entirely out of gold, that none of us can identify.

We head out of the cavern by way of a mine cart. Once to the surface, Percival proposes killing Barness—I say no. We find a small hut with a gnome merchant, Mr. Mister, who informs us we are in the Kingdom of Hugon, an unruly and dangerous land led by a dwarf king named Twenty. We decide to head east to the nearest large city: Kreeteekall.

We head east. That night Percival is pounced on by some large creature, almost killing him. In the desperate fight for our lives, Barness is killed. While I was digging a grave for the duergar girl, Percival, annoyed at the digging sounds, decides to burn her out of spite. In anger, I lash out with a flaming sphere, nearly killing Percival. I hesitate to stabilize him, but threats of violence from Sorob change my mind. With Percival stabilized but unconscious, I finish the grave.

The next night we are chased by what appeared to be a large elemental. It was only as the sun was rising in the west and we made it close to the city that the creature disappeared. We have reached Kreeteekall.

Once inside, we ask who is a powerful wizard and get directed to a large tree-like tower. The wizard’s golem lets us in, and the wizard informs us that for 3,000 gp he would identify the tome. Thinking this is too much, we say no. Before we leave, however, the wizard tells us he knows what Sorob’s amulet is. After selling some loot and mulling the cost, we decide to negotiate and head back. We get the wizard down to 2,000 gp—and he will identify the amulet.

However, Sorob refuses to take it off. Percival tries to charm him but gets a fist to the face in return. After the scrap, we notice the unnamed wizard has vanished… with our golden book. Shit.


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