The Recap: Part 1

After defeating Taumil for a second-time in his dream world, Diago infiltrates the Grand Circle, which impresses grandmaster Alar enough that he lets us all in. We learn that the way to join the Grand Circle is to make our names known and then be invited to join by another member. We leave to do just that.

After journeying to a nearby village, we learn at the local tavern that a crazy clown accompanied by mites and terrifying children overran and destroyed the nearby village of Georgetown. Harold, the mayor of the town we are in, decides to flee with the villagers to a safe location despite our best efforts at persuading the villagers to stay and fight. While I tried to help, I still do not understand the foolish ways of these city-dwellers. I think I might have hurt our cause with my gust of wind. Nevertheless, we convince five of the villagers to make a stand with us, including Henry of Georgetown.

The clown came in the night. We fortified the stone inn, but even our preparations were not enough to combat the Mitiest’s hammer that took down a main support, killing two of the villagers. As we pull ourselves from the rubble, Sorob plants himself in front of the grinning Taumil, and with one swing finally takes the head off that evil clown.

Finally victorious, we leave the ruins of the inn to find the villagers. On the way we overcome a woodland rogue, Redbrow the Pirate, and manage to find a hunk of star stone. Finding the villagers in Gofeld, Henry relays the story of our victory. Utterly grateful for saving what we could of their town, the villagers vow to spread word of our great deed. We learn that no one can work our star stone here, so we decide to hide the heavy rock in the woods for later retrieval. Finding a unique dead tree shaped like a K, I woodshape the rock inside for protection. One day something grand will be made of that stone.

Returning to Gofeld, Sorob slaughters a man, Miller, who comes back as a zombie. As the rest of the party flees, Sorob is apprehended by the city guards and questioned—eventually by city captain Traphis. I remember this particular guard sliding into the bay after giving chase to me, so I make myself scarce.


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