Entry 5 - Zombies, Mites, and Intrigue

The trip back to Gofeld was quick despite being loaded down with Beat’s loot. On a related note, I must admit, my new cloak does look quite fetching on me. After a quick stop at the market, we went searching for Manly Steve. The Dirty Skirts proprietor, Kristy, said he had left town, but told us how to get to the Grand Circle. After a quick celebratory drink (I, perhaps uncharacteristically, bought a round for the tavern), we went searching for a boat to take us down the King’s Stream.

That was until a girl came running from a home shouting “Grandma started killing mom!” I had to resist the urge to rip the amulet from Sorob’s neck… but we stopped to question the girl. Apparently her Grandma had been very sick until just then when she grabbed the girl’s mother and bit her in the face. Onlookers started running to get the guards but Diago wished to play the hero and dashed inside.

I kept walking towards the harbor. It has been well over a couple months since our last run-in with the city guards, but I did not think it good odds that a female elven druid and her wolf would not be remembered. After negotiating for passage on a transport vessel called “Titanic” I waited for my companions’ return.

It was not long until Diago and Sorob sauntered up, newly splattered with blood. It turned out that “Grandma” had indeed become a flesh-eating zombie and “Mom,” along with one of the two city guards who went in, was no more. I made one last attempt to convince Sorob to remove the amulet, but he seemed aghast at the very idea… I fear whatever the amulet is it may be gaining a hold on our fearsome warrior. At the very least we all seemed to be in agreement that our quick exit from the city was the most advisable course of action, even if being stuck on a ship with 100 other passengers plus crew could lead to similar complications. We boarded the Titanic with a prognostic feeling of foreboding.

Knowing it was a several day journey to Ellim’s Reach, I managed to convince the crew to let me sleep in the dingy on the deck rather than one of the dark and cramped, albeit private, cabins. It was a wonder that I heard Sorob shouting from his cabin that very night. I rushed to his aid to see Sorob tying up two devilish little creatures; I immediately recognized them as mites, having seen the creatures emerge from some of the deeper caves in the forest. Sorob had awoken in the middle of the night to find them sneaking up on him despite his cabin door being locked. While he was able to subdue them despite being stabbed, none of our troop were able to understand the creatures. We were left clueless as to how or why they attacked our companion.

Those were questions destined to be left unanswered. The creatures disappeared from the locked cell the captain threw them into and no trace of them was found on the boat. Being proficient in the art of conjuration, I became convinced the mites must have been summoned by one of the boat’s passengers. Sorob thought it was Percival who fervently denied it. However a thorough sweep of the boat led to identifying only three passengers that possessed magical items: a young man named Jake with a “lucky pouch”, a large man with dark skin called Reginold who possessed a ring giving him remarkable reflexes, and a attractive lady who refused to give us a name. After the Captain, Sorob and I questioned the trio, the only thing I was certain of was that the Lady was not a magic user; an opinion not shared by Sorob.

Without answers, we decided to take turns keeping watch at night until we made port. Thankfully the rest of the voyage was uneventful and we made Ellim’s Reach safe and sound.


BBHoap Darkember

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