Entry 3 - New Company

We ran.

There was nothing else to do; by running we quickly outdistanced the creatures. Only it was not long until we came upon a second battle with more of the creatures; a battle that was quickly brought to an end by a large man and an equally imposing half-elf. The more dashing figure with a rapier introduced himself as Diago Woffoen, while the giant wielding a falchion grunted “Sorob” in response to inquiries about his name. There is safety in numbers, so we accompanied them and their cart full of cloth back to Nabon. In Nabon we convinced the pair to accompany us back to Selca to find Rick, rid the town of zombies, and get our reward. Diago seems good company, but Sorob seems strangely familiar…

Well, we learned from our past mistakes; it was best to finish the zombies off at range. Our larger group easily made it through town, where I finished off three of the creatures with my bow. With our quarrels and arrows, Percival and I made short work of the few zombies inside the courtyard. Inside, there were more zombies, including our recent companion, Boros. Boros bludgeoned Sorob unconscious before the rest of our party managed to take the creatures down.

For reasons known only to him, Percival decided to take Boros’s head as well as his possessions. We found no other zombies in the keep, but we did uncover the body of Rick Tulong; killed by a trap in the basement. In addition to massive quantities of treasure, including an old crown, and a magic amulet, mace and book, we took Rick’s head hoping that Talow would still reward us. I also gained a new longbow!

With two rotting heads, we returned to Nabon. Which leaves me to ask, what am I doing? I did not expect to become a delivery person carrying human (and no-longer-human) body parts halfway across the world. What is this teaching me? Hopefully I will figure that out. I need experience to gain wisdom, but is this the type of experience I should be having? Oh well…

Our allotted week to find Rick had long since passed by, but we chose to book passage across the Shaltpheesh Sea again. I traded my shortbow to Captain Charlie for passage and we set off.

I hate the sea.

Our third day out we spotted another ship fast approaching us from behind. We learned its attention when an archer onboard dropped one of our sailors into the sea. I returned fire, but did not drop their archer until after our ship was rammed from behind. Diago made a fantastic leap onboard the enemy vessel while Percival dropped three into a deep sleep. The enemy captain was quickly taken down, but his large, bald companion and the rest of the crew took more work. We lost several sailors to the fight.

As I was looting the fallen archer for additional arrows, I heard screams coming from the once-slumbering pirates. It seems Percival is back to his old interrogation tricks – except this time all he managed to do was kill each remaining pirate in a horrible way.

I did not have long to ponder this when Charlie started yelling that our ship was sinking. We sprung into action in an attempt to save it… well all except Diago who had run off looking for treasure on the pirate ship. Sorob and I managed to push the two boats apart as the crew bailed and attempted to patch the hole. I was ready to abandon ship and sail on the pirate vessel, when the crew managed to patch the hole.

Charlie apparently thought the spoils of our fight were his – but to avoid conflict Percival gave the Captain the pirate ship in exchange for any treasure aboard it. We disappeared into the hold to discover what our share turned out to be.

However, sounds of fighting brought us back to the deck. The formerly dead pirates and sailors had risen and were attacking Charlie and the remaining sailors. I thought we left the undead back in Selca? What was bringing them back? I needed to know.

Those questions would have to be answered later, as we once again cut our way threw the zombies. We ended the fight with even fewer crew than we started with, and we quickly chucked the bodies into the sea.

In a bout of foolishness, Pervical informed Captain Charlie we had come from Selca. Upon learning this piece of information, Charlie refused to take us any further. Pervical redeemed himself by knocking Charlie out with a burst of color, as we intimidated the rest of the crew into backing down. I helped, oh yes: I was not going to be left at sea. Luckily we only needed words to convince the rest of the crew to take us back to Ashmal in exchange for the pirate ship.

I needed to know why those bodies came back from the dead; the thought of it happening at any time greatly troubled me. In Ashmal I convinced the others to visit a priest and see if any of our prizes were cursed. Having been given the crown, I paid for its inspection. Percival called me foolish, saying it had no magic properties. However, I am not familiar with wizard magic and needed certainty. The others refused to pay to have their items similarly checked and left. We stayed overnight as a storm rolled in.

The next morning we set out for Gofeld, passing a prince on the road. Rather than head back to Mallard, Percival and Sorob went to the Golden Wares merchant. After haggling, we settled on a price of 2,600 gold for the ring; I went along with it in exchange for a promise by Pervical to get the other items identified by a priest.

A priest at the Temple of Skadi showed a great interest in the Amulet, stating it is a relic of his religion and of great value. He refused to share much of the information about it, but informed us it is a tool used to bring ruin to those who cause ruin. It was used to destroy the invaders of Selca, and was a great victory for the priest of Macab.

Sorob, however, refused to part with it for the 3,000 gold offer. Instead he heads to other temples to find more information – information no one else is able to give us. Despite Pervical and my heated attempts to get him to sell the amulet, Sorob held onto it. I fear this will be the death of us – or at least of Sorob.

Before heading to a new inn in Gofeld, we dropped Rick’s head off at Talow’s place. He gave us nothing and Pervical promised we will never do business with him again.

I am nervous about what the morning will bring; I can only hope no new undead. A city the size of Gofeld could be overrun in hours…



Entry 3 - New Company


Entry 3 - New Company


Entry 3 - New Company
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